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          Navigating through the blasts zone is extremely dangerous because of the burning chemicals and twisted containers, which could collapse at any time.
          5 percentage points slower than a year ago.
          Wang Manyi, chair of the trauma society, a sub-specialty society under the COA, called for adding standardized residency training into law on medical practitioners.
          The international communitys credibility is on the line, Obama told a news conference in Stockholm.
          The bottom line is that problems associated with the global power transition are plaguing the two nations now,Issues involving China, the US and Japan took center stage at the three-day meeting in Singapore.
          The gold price is unstable.
          Priorities will be given to cracking down on the gangs, organized crime, drug networks and channels, he said.
          Police also confiscated some of their suspected illegal assets.
          China and the US remain the most significant individual markets for Rolls-Royce, and we are confident to see increases in the two markets in 2014, said Mueller-Oetvoes.
          The species only lives in the far northernmost Heilongjiang province and the Inner Mongolia autonomous region in China.
          Wang said that the UN needs reform, and the reform of the UN should be an all-around process, with balanced progress in security, development and human rights.
          On one hand, individuals tend to adopt healthy infants, but a majority of children in government welfare institutions now are sick or disabled.
          A freight car and a minivan, with 21 people on board were washed into a river by a flood unleashed from a mountain at about 5 pm on Sunday in Dongsheng District of Ordos City, local government said.
          The NDRC and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will be responsible for monitoring the auto industry, the statement said.
          7 and, if confirmed on Sept 1, will be a three-month low.
          An air quality report from the Ministry of Environmental Protection ranked Handan, Baoding and Shijiazhuang in Hebei and Zhengzhou in Henan as the top four most-polluted cities among 120 monitored nationwide.
          4 percent of the high schools have only one physical education class a week, while 51.
          The biggest month-on-month price increase was recorded in the southeastern coastal city of Xiamen, which rose 0.
          The lawyers detained include Zhou Shifeng, the firms director, and his colleagues Liu Sixin, Huang Liqun, Wang Yu and Wang Quanzhang.
          The organ that is mostly behind the walls of Boardwalk Hall, is described by experts as the largest musical instrument on the planet.
          Colorado shooting suspect James Eagan Holmes attends his first court appearance in Aurora, Colorado, July 23, 2012.
          But once these companies upgrade their industrial technology to a more advanced international level, they will greatly reduce their consumption of natural resources.
          9 percent stake in Malaysia-based Proton Holding and 51 percent of British sports car brand Lotus this year, chairman of the board of Zhejiang Geely Holding Li Shufu attributed the achievements to Chinas Belt and Road Initiative.
          I have received neither, she said.
          Viruses or bacteria being used for research also cannot be carried onto the system.
          46 trillion yuan (6.
          The two sides can also cooperate under the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative, which will create opportunities for enterprises from China and Europe, Zhao added.
          In 1939, refugee Rudolf Mossberg and his relative bought a small building and opened a coffee shop.
          It first came to prominence during the 2014 Spring Festival after Tencent promoted them on their WeChat platform that boasts 600 million users a month.
          As I see it, ticket prices between Beijing and Guangzhou will be cut by 20 percent after (Dec 26), Li said.
          Clark said he was brought on board to advise Alibaba on its international expansion during the companys infancy as a contractor and foreign friend.
          The plant mainly produces waterproof explosives for mining.
          Seven departments, including the education, civil affairs and finance ministries, issued a plan to improve education for learners with special needs on January 20.
          Resolute and decisive measures must be taken and pressure must be maintained to crack down on violent terrorists emboldened by arrogance, he said.
          Promoting inclusive growth requires the hard work of countries themselves.
          The gunmen stormed into a restaurant where the Chinese couple were the only customers and fired several shots.
          He Pan, in her twenties, created her own Qipao–or cheongsam–studio after a long affection for the traditional Chinese dress.
          He added that butchers slaughtering dogs could get infected with rabies if the dogs are not properly quarantined, which would put the butchers lives in danger.
          Choe said Kims aim in sending him to China is to improve, consolidate and develop DPRK-China relations.
          Otherwise, these disadvantaged people can easily impact the bottom line of society.
          Traditional Chinese medicine treatments are well known home and abroad.
          As a non-governmental and non-profit international organization founded in 2001, the BFA works to promote regional economic integration and bring Asian countries closer to their development goals.
          By Nov 5, 2010, the direct property loss reached 233 million yuan ( million), the cost for rescuing and cleaning up were 85.
          The 60-year-olds employment options are limited because his left leg was amputated after a traffic accident 17 years ago.
          Li also emphasized the role of innovation in economic restructuring and improving the quality and efficiency of economic expansion.
          The authorities do not have room for the rest, so we have been charged with taking care of them, Peng said.
          The water level of four large and medium-sized reservoirs have surpassed their danger lines, according to the provincial flood control and drought relief headquarters.

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